Stephen and his team have been outstanding from day one and that's the reason I've used them for 13 marketing projects in under 2 years.

They've dealt professionally and promptly with issues beyond the call of duty.

And they also have great ideas which have helped conversion rate - that's true added value.

Imran Sadiq


Stephen is a graphic GOD and plays an integral role in the success of my business nowadays. His graphics are top tier, incredibly creative and turnaround is amazing, even with multiple projects. He never gets too busy even when I have him doing 10 designs for me and he's designing entire sites for others at the same time. His team is closely integrated under his direction from what I have experienced, meaning if I were to ask for a very special assignment, he can make miracles happen. Stephen just recently designed SolarPowerByTheTon for me, as I asked him to create a graphic with solar panels in a dump truck.

Jamie Lewis


Well, after about a month of telling myself not to, I'm positing a review of Stephen's design services.

In all sincerity, I struggled with whether or not to post my thoughts on his work... but I realized that it isn't fair to the other warriors on here if I don't. The fact of the matter is that I don't want anyone else to ever be stuck in my position!

If you don't hire Stephen for your design work, chances are you WILL be caught in the position that I was caught in before meeting him...

What position is that? Hiring designer after designer, missing deadlines, and ending up with sub-par work that doesn't meet ANY standards.

Before meeting Stephen, that's what I expected out of most designers. I fired more designers at my firm than you can imagine, and I told more freelancers to "get out" than you can fathom. It was excruciating.

Stephen did ONE job for me and, before it was even over, I signed an EXCLUSIVE contract with him— essentially begging him to be my firm's designer.

Why? Because he is THAT DAMN GOOD.

When I say that he blows any other designer I have worked with out of the water, that is not a statement to be taken lightly. He outranks every single "US-Based, college-graduate" designer I have ever worked with (and then fired)...

Those guys charge anywhere from $2,500 for a basic website. Stephen charges so much less than them that it is literally DOWNRIGHT STUPID to not choose him.

When I said I didn't want to post this, it was solely out of my own self-interest. I have signed him up as my marketing firm's exclusive provider of web design services. Yes, as many of you know, I have been featured in Forbes and the American Business Awards have named me a Marketer of the Year as well. You can imagine what my standards are.

My self-interest was that I didn't want him to get too busy... I wanted him all to myself. The reason I signed him on as our exclusive designer wasn't to get a better price... it was to get him to agree to make time for us!

So... if you truly understand the value of good design work. If you are serious about your business and want to have an air of professionalism and superiority around your brand— one that translates to increased sales... If you want a designer who UNDERSTANDS MARKETING (do not underestimate this)...

Stephen is the only designer for you.

If, however, you are more interested in the designer who is offering a website for $10 less, and you don't understand why paying an extra ten dollars is "worth it" when it translates to 10, 20, or 30% in more sales... then, in all sincerity, I'd prefer you just click the back button and pick another designer...

Like I said, his time is extremely valuable to me and I don't want to have to find another designer (and risk the horrible situation I described above) to take on work that Stephen doesn't have time for ;-)

Short Story: If Stephen is the "only choice" for a Forbes-listed marketer's firm in Beverly Hills, believe me, you are going to love his work.

Ali Madalet

2013 American Business Award - 'Marketer of the Year' TheLorenzMarketingGroup.com

I have been extremely pleased with both the very professional service given at Ecover Experts. The designs are always eye catching and just what you need to grab attention in a crowded market. Attention to detail is tremendous and any change is never too small. Highly recommended and I will be very happy to continue using Ecover Experts.

Chris Freville


Stephen, you are certainly one of the best in the field of graphic design. You are most willing to accede to your client's request and to top it All, you overdeliver by providing appropriate suggestion when I didn't even ask for it. That's what I call Great Customer Service.

What impressed me most is your rate of delivery. Instead of me chasing you for the job to be done, I find you chasing me for the details that I would hardly take a Breather! That's speak volume about the pride that you take in regards to the client's satisfaction.

To sum it all, Great Job at Ultimate Response time! Simply Wonderful! I gladly recommend your service to anyone who needs a great graphics at a short turnaround time.

Justin Koh


I have used Stephen's graphic design service for the production of quality eBook cover images, header and website graphics for a number of projects at White Dove Books. His work is absolutely first class and his thoroughly professional attitude has made dealing with him a complete pleasure.

I have found his valuable advice on aspects of graphic design to be indispensable and I have no hesitation in recommending his excellent service.

Will Edwards


Fast, responsive, affortable, great quality. What else can I ask for! Stephen got my work done exactly the way I wanted. Not only that, he actually over-delivered and sort out my scripts that I never expected him to do. Will definitely use his service again.

Jaz Lai


Thank you so much for the sales letter graphics. You not only produced a professionally looking theme for me, but you did it in less than 2 days. Your prices are extremely fair. I build websites for people, but from now on, I'll hire you to do the graphics, and I'll stick to the content and SEO. :) I highly recommend your services and will be requiring them again soon.

Thanks again for your wonderful work!

Chrisi Darrington


"Ecover expert makes client $1,0000,000"

Ecover Experts are my go to guys for all my ebook design work - their designs are responsible for over $1,000,000 worth of sales. They're super fast, super responsive to any changes I need - and their designs absolutely rock. I've already recommended them to all my jv partners and buddies - and if you need sharp design that converts, I strongly suggest you check them out.

Chris X